Why Women Love Cowboys?

The title of this article sounds a bit off, doesn’t it? It sounds a bit sexist, perhaps just a tad bit offensive or even rude. That’s something that people might think despite the fact we’re living in the 21st century. And the fact that we’ve fully embraced the digital age with all its advantages and disadvantages. And amidst all that chaos, one thing did not change and that’s the undisputed fact that women love cowboys.

Despite all the recent changes in our society, they still love a man who’s working the land, herding the stock, and doing the hard work city life is incompatible with. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why cowboys have become somewhat of a scarce commodity. It has become increasingly difficult to successfully run a farm and have a family on top of that. In the past, this was so easy but times have changed.

Along with times, so have men changed. Not so much in their nature but in their outward appearance and approach to dating. Most modern men love flings and affairs, not wanting a family or a stable relationship. And there’s nothing wrong with that as cowboys also like those things. However, if we’re talking about the majority of the population, the equation changes. The stats tell us that men are getting married when they’re older and are reluctant to start a family.

All of these things lead us inevitably to the most contentious point of this article and that’s the definition of masculinity. Terms like toxic masculinity have ruined ordinary, normal, and dare we say beneficial masculinity. A set of values that drives a certain behavior that women find attractive. If we wanted to be completely honest and do away with the romanticization of cowboys, this entire article would boil down to just one word: stability.

This word manifests itself in many forms and it permeates all aspects of life. And the romantic aspect of life is one of the more important ones. This is just the beginning of our journey and will continue to publish more analyses like this. So, we hope you will be back to read more about this topic.

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