Review - UPDATED May. 2024

UPDATED May. 2024
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Date A Cowboy is the premiere dating website for people who enjoy a country style of living and it shows on every corner. From the very first moment on this website, you will understand quite clearly that the members all have a very special country type of upbringing and that they all live a certain lifestyle that brings them closer together. Almost every face you see on Date A Cowboy will be framed by a hat and don’t be surprised to see a lot of denim. It feels breezy and unassuming and that is exactly what you want from a cowboy dating website.

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Design and Functionality

Date A Cowboy has been around since 2004, meaning that it has been serving the country community for more than 10 years. With a website that has been around for that long, you need to understand that its age might have an effect on the design of the website. And truly, when compared to some newer websites, Date A Cowboy may seem a bit basic. However, when you dig deeper and start using the website, the clear lines and the simple design actually start to become an advantage, rather than a problem.

Namely, with a very clear design, simple color scheme and down-to-earth fonts and cells, Date A Cowboy is an extremely easy website to navigate and use, even if you happen to be of a certain age and you are not too versed with using dating websites. While we are on the subject of the design, as you might expect, the photos that are used to make the site more appealing all have a country feel to them, with country couples who are clearly having a ton of fun.

Once you start using Date A Cowboy, you will soon find out that it is one of those websites that are tailored to the users. Everything is exactly where you would expect it to be, the categories are very clear, the features are always right there where you want them and using the website is as easy as wrangling a young calf. Simply put, there is no way you will not find what you want on this site.

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The ultimate goal of Date A Cowboy is to bring people together and all of its features have been implemented to enable this easily and efficiently. Once you register, you will be creating your profile that you will then use to attract other country singles and to find singles who will be interesting to you.

You can easily send messages to people you find attractive and you can send them ‘flirts’ letting them know that you are interested in them. There is also a matching feature that will allow you to more easily find the perfect date for you. In addition to this, there are plenty of chat rooms which are always active and where you can chat live and in forums.

You will also be glad to hear that Date A Cowboy is absolutely mobile-friendly meaning that you can go on with your active lifestyle and still keep in touch with all your new friends and potential love interests.


Date A Cowboy is quite possibly the biggest dating website of its kind and the best way to experience this is to simply look at all of the country singles in your area. Depending on your area, you will be finding hundreds and thousands of eligible singles who share your lifestyle.

With the name Date A Cowboy, you might be worried that it is a website where only men have profiles and where the ladies come to pick. It is even often advertised as a place where ladies can find their perfect cowboy. Of course, this does not mean that you will not be able to find gorgeous cowgirls in case you are a man who wishes to start using the website.

Also, if you are worried that you might be in trouble because you live in a large city, don’t be. There are plenty of members who share your love for the outdoors and who share the same values. Maybe they moved to the big city, just like you.

Date A Cowboy App

Date A Cowboy App Review

Before we go any further we would like to remind you that the Date A Cowboy website is optimized for mobile phones. Sure, you won’t get all the features and special perks but if you don’t want to use the app, you don’t have to. With that being said, we must tell you the truth: Date A Cowboy app is the best Cowboy dating app. If you don’t believe us you can check it out yourself, after all, it’s completely free. We will now go over some of the features we liked the most and tell you what separates it from all the other similar apps.

First of all, apparently, there’s an issue with the iOS version of the app. This means that only people who have an Android mobile phone will be able to download the Date A Cowboy app. We hope this will change in the future. Who knows, maybe by the time you’re reading these lines, the iOS app is already available. Secondly, the matching system is incredibly powerful considering just how little information you have to enter in your profile. So, not only will your profile be ready in a matter of minutes but you can check out someone else’s in a matter of seconds.

You won’t have to spend hours reading boring and unnecessary bios. After all, it’s much better to keep some things shrouded with a veil of mystery. Send a message if you want to know something and the same goes for your profile as well. To get back to that matching system for a bit, you can also use their Rapid Match system. You already know how it works, just swipe left or right, according to your preferences and that’s it. Actually, the whole app is very easy to use and intuitive.

This shows the most when you’re setting the search parameters. You have total control over every aspect of this app. This means that you can set the search parameters any way you want and meet like-minded individuals not just from the US but also from all over the world. Who knows maybe you’ll fall in love with a cowgirl from Germany or a French cowboy living on an idyllic farm near the Azure coast. The world is your oyster!

Closing Word

Date A Cowboy is, without a shadow of doubt, the best cowboy dating website out there and that is mostly because of its gigantic membership base and the opportunities for meeting the perfect date. It is also easy to use, even easier to navigate and it will provide you with endless hours of great cowboy or cowgirl fun.

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User Reviews (7)

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  1. harrietmaddy | September 6, 2021

    Hello there how are you doing today i need a man who can take very good care of me

  2. Christine Hansen | February 25, 2021

    I joined recently but and paid for 3 months at a special price but so far I have got nothing for my money, I cannot connect or chat to other cowboys and I keep getting e-mails asking me to either join or up grade.

    New Zealand

  3. Cowgirl78 | October 11, 2019

    Although there are a lot of cowboys here, I was able to find a couple of really cute guys. And they were not some poor cowboys but proper gentlemen, Date a Cowboy has my vote 🙂

  4. Stallion67 | July 25, 2019

    I met my ex-wife five years ago on this site. We had a good three years but then she started getting like others and we got divorced. I am single now, find me on Date A Cowboy: Stallion67

  5. Sameera Curtis | May 22, 2019

    Didn’t really care for anyone I’ve seen but that’s up to me. The site’s easy to use and I didn’t have any trouble creating a profile or adding more info about myself. I think it’s great that it has so many sections and options for answers, I could never have thought of all that by myself.

  6. Jemima Beech | April 22, 2019

    I had such high hopes for this one but it turns out it’s a fake, no real cowboy in sight. Luckily it’s for free and I didn’t waste any money on this one.

  7. Carly Graham | February 22, 2019

    I was very disappointed to find out that not many members are actual cowboys but regular single folks. I came to this site specifically to meet cowboys. The only ones resembling what I’m looking for are in suggested friends which I think are just adds.

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